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so... is this community dead or what? hmm.. have everyone forgotten about Brian.. i wonder.. oh well.. i wont in awhile :/ hope you wont either..
anyways whats going on everyone..?
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no we haven't forgotten him. in actuality, hooskyboosky and i have been talking about fundraising concerts. i am sure there will be a post in here soon, if anyone would like to help out. making flyers and whatnot.
if you have any suggestions, we'd gladly take them :)

yes we are. I'm actually trying to get a few local bands and put together my band to play a fundraising show for him, I'll get to all of you when I try and get something ;)
ok well thats good, ive always wanted to take apart in something like that happening,... I'd be glad to help in any way..
But have ya figured a name of it?
that'd be really rad if you helped us out too.
A name of what?... the foundation? If that's what you're asking about we actually haven't, I didn't even think of a name for it... if you would like, you could help us with one :)
Its been over done, ive been working with the family for years now. My label Deliberately Insane Records put out the official compilation in tribute to brian, called "unity through diversity" just like the first festival in his honor. My buddy Bobby Steele (form. guitarist of the misfits) did a song called "tears on a pillow" dedicated to him and his band The Undead headlined that show. Unfortunately, the Brian Deneke Memorial Committee sits on money, they dont really do much for any of the causes Brian believed in and was dedicated to. He used to have a set of houses for squatters to stay in when they were coming through, and personally being a squatter, I respected that, we can use all the help we can get. Im currently working on a project for squatters, dumpster divers, train hoppers, etc, online. A resouce site with databases on squatts to stay in, city listings, food not bombs, soup kitchens, food banks, hot spots to dumpster, and just to create a community for people to hookup to travel this country together. Anyway, thats enough rambling for a reply post.
yeah i know what he did.. some of us back here do the best we can,to help anyone who needs it.. Its hard since all the money that we get comes out of our own pocket.. I've lost alot of friends for the same reasons as Brian died. Although it never was as a big deal,propl. coz their families didnt care.. But i still think that we're getting to a point where society actually cares,and will give us funding for this,i think their realising that these ppl are just as human as you and me..
Oh well.. I would help in everyway that i can.. And i hope i will..
Well thats about it damn i feel as if i talk to much oh well...
But unity? mmm.. didnt brian stand for Nonconformity, mm may have gotten that one wrong(or the meaning of "unity through diversity" sry if i got that wrong).. well think you got the point.. but i still think that this can really make a difference..
Peace.. Christina..
do you have the website built already? you might try investing in paper ads, for those who do not get online. i would love to help any way i can. it is sad that they would just sit on the money, are you sure they aren't saving it to put into something big? i dunno.
i would eventually like to start up something to help people, but i don'thave much money at all, so i figure the best way for me is to try to help those who have more built up than i do.
lemme know if you need help with anything.