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Hi, My name is Roxy and I'm seventeen. I'm kind of a "former" punk. I did the whole pop music stage then I used to be really into punk music and ONLY punk music, then I opened my eyes to other things. I guess I like everything now. I like diversity.

Anyways, I've known about what happened to Brian since wow, forever it seems. And it's always saddened me. I've given out well over 500 flyers in the past years with the help of my little sister Amber.

My little sister is a true punk, true to the lifestyle (I taught her well) and she's constantly being harassed for who she is.

I'm always worried she's going to be the next Brian. People are so ignorant to her. Everywhere she goes she's harassed.

One time she was almost ran over by a huge fucking van by some kids at her school and they laughed.

I guess I'm joining because I feel connected to all the kids in here who believe in spreading awareness, they say we can't change the world, but we can hopefully change the way people think.

I'd hate to think my little sister or someone else's little bro or sis could be next you know?

I guess I just wanted to let you all know a little why I'm so involved with spreading awareness.

I know this may sound bad, but my sister always teases me about my love for cadillac's. She said they are cars of the jocks and haters. But she says it in such a funny valley girl way. Haha.

Anyways, hi.
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