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Hey guys... I just found out about this community like 10 minutes ago, and thought I'd join. Another new member introduction. =P

I haven't known about Brian for that long, but I still cried my fucking heart out when I heard about it. Don't you think it's pretty bad Dustin eventually walked away with a $10,000 fine and probation? And from what I recall, his lawyer made Brian sound like a juvenile deliquient. I guess he was just doing his job, but damn, I don't know how someone could stand there and do the stereotypical thing about the bully-picks-on-the-outcast situation. You hear about it all the time... my friend was just telling me about how a bunch of jocky guys were throwing shit at him and his friends at the lunch table, but when my friend finally defended himself by throwing a little something, HE got in trouble for it. His school has camera systems all around too, and the table he was sitting at was like, right in front of one. In a way, it's like teaching people not to stick up for themselves.

I just thought I'd share a ramble. Heh, that had nothing to do with Brian really, but... yeah.

So, hi. That wasn't much of an intro, haha... sorry.
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