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I'm new to this community like alot of ppl here.. When i first heard the Brian Deneke story a couple of yrs ago.. I dont know. it affected me,and how i look at things, i might sound mean at times but at heart im not.. Brian deneke was the main reson for that i realised that being different was ok,and accepting those who are different was right.. And doing otherwise was just stupid.. It sux that someone had to die for what they were and what they believed in.. It shows us how ignorant the world can be.. None acceptance drove to this crime.. I think about brian alot,even more when i think about how much i hate ever being born,and how i sometimes think about joining the Cheerleaders and that group of ppl.. just so that i can be safe from harassment the next day.. After i found out about him i couldnt get him off my head,.He's propl. the reson why i havent sold out,the reson why i never gave up..
I thank him everytime for standing up for himself,and being HIMSELF.. Without ppl like him,im sure none of us would feel alright about being different.. I've cried so many times for him, everytime i look at his face,see his name or just when im being )(ritaculed), i always think of him, and thank him, his story has thouched me like you couldnt imagine.. No'one will be the same without him in this world sure he made a difference... We all wish he still was around.. But if he still was alive, we wouldnt be in this community now would be? most of us would've never heard of ppl like Brian,and we propl. never would've made it thru the day.. we never would've learn to be proud of what we are,and what we stand for...this all makes me sad.. that ppl cant express their view on things, without being beaten to the ground..
Thank you Brian and all those who have died for being themselfs and not just falling into line,like most of society does for the reson not to be harassed and being accepted in the majorities.. thats all i have to say.. I hope we can all start to learn from this crime.. that difference is no reson for murder, no matter how different your views might me..

anyways just wanted to tell you what i thought,,, i know i blah alot..
Peace.. Christina...
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